Me The Owner!!



12 thoughts on “Me The Owner!!

  1. prachi vasani you are bengali?does your name mean something?
    keral ke bare me kuch suna he?
    when i started blogging only few likes and comments nothing much has changed now also but it is because i am lazy to visit others write well.keep writing i always have a special like for bloggers who read my blog without me visiting theirs.god bless 🙂

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    1. Hey thanks a ton for the appreciation…!!nops m nt bengali it doesnt mattr who we are rite? Being a gud human being mattrs d most.yup being an indian i obvio knw abt kerala…:-) U too write wel..kip gng nvr stop!! (Y)


      1. There you go,i knew it.A different name will have a beautiful meaning 🙂
        well my name is sherin and there was always confusion when teacher calls my name in school since the name is also for ladies 🙂


  2. yaa yaa whatever you say 🙂 well if you like radios,sorry i know putting links on others site is not correct,
    Take a look-


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