Raw Love!!



21 thoughts on “Raw Love!!

  1. That is very good to know prachi.i write using only simple words that is why i asked. just don’t stop blogging in between because of less comments or likes ok?.Write more,visit more and you will get more comments.Have a nice day 🙂

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      1. Yaa but even though i have only written few romantic poems there will be a starting thread from which i develop the poem.most likely a song in my memory,or some words from other blogs which got my attention etc.etc.so i am not denying the inspiration.glad you liked it.simple words are more touching right?

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      1. From my little experience in blogging i must say the topic you selected for writing in your blog that is love i think is the most challenging one to write.may be now you are saying you wished you wrote that poem i wrote today.Believe me you know how many times i have said this in mind when i red some other beautiful romantic poems by other bloggers.i kept on asking how does you write this beautifully every time?The answer was hard to tell.i am sure one day you will write better than what i wrote today because you only started and have a long way.I think i am nearing a full stop to my blog.Also your college life and all is a great Inspiration.That wonderful days are all over for me.i write now from memories.Anyway it was nice meeting you and reading your comments I just felt you need an inspiration otherwise i feared you will stop blogging. That is all.If again like today i write something good please visit ok?

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      2. Hey i am really v.glad to hear so much from u.its a grt compliment for an aspiring poet like me.i hope i keep writing.poems & writings has nothing to do with age love or memories.So never say no or never to it bcz it simply nvr ends.It fr eternity.A writer never stops writing.U r really a gud poet with a grt future so keep writing never stop thts the way it has to be.We never Know how beautifully we can express unless we write.different expernce gives meaning to new beautiful stories & adventures.Even i write many times on memories.Its just that i get randoms thoughts & i write it.i don think twice…please do let me know wenever you write such poems.And i want to write on all topics its jusy that love is one of my favourite so i hope i become a good poet because there are millions of talented people who write magical poems…!!! THANKS A LOT FOR THE MOTIVATION 🙂

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