Do’s & Dont’s!!



12 thoughts on “Do’s & Dont’s!!

  1. Marvelous, I really appreciate your work you did. Though I am also new but I just copy paste material but I love being a part my blog do check and like other blog and always participate in daily-postblog the word press blog they help with tips and trick to manage blog it will be really helpful for you

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    1. Thank You So Much…:-) It really feels good when your talent gets appreciated..And yes sure i will keep blogging..I always have the curiosity to explore new things in life…You too keep writing & stay inspired…!!!

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  2. Are me to ye kehraha tha ki agar koi pyaar me aa gaye jaye to uska man aisa he.
    Can we say everytime when you look to someones eyes i mean a stranger it is always love there can be lot of things in a look right?But i understood what you said eyes really can express that feeling.Now ok right?

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