What Is Love?



11 thoughts on “What Is Love?

  1. What i write is so good in eyes of persons like you.when you start reading other great poems of other bloggers you will realize what i wrote is not that great.Actually i am not good at poems.stories and haikus are my topics.Only because of heartfelt good support from a friend like you i tried one more poem today.i am glad you liked it and keep writing one day you will write better than me.I will try poems but not soon and every time don’t expect it to be always good like this.you seem like an innocent girl otherwise you wouldn’t have said the word jealous.stay innocent and god bless 🙂

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    1. I know there are many great poets better than us but we should never let ourselves get de-motivated..just keep inspiring & stay motivated…Thanks a lot i really wish i become a gud poet some dy…you think you are not gud at anything unless u give it a try & bingoo it came out so nicely..just go with the flow…u never know wat hidden talents we have…so just don think much & keep writing yaar…haha everyone says that m v.innocnt…thanks…:-)

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