Don’t Ruin Your Life



21 thoughts on “Don’t Ruin Your Life

    1. We just spoil our lives & miss those opportunities thinking what others will think not understanding that we are only responsible for what we become.Society is so ugly because what they couldn’t achieve eventually doesn’t allow others to achieve too.They can’t accept the fact that “Being Happy is more important than Being Right”…!!!

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      1. “What other will think” this god damn line has screwed up many dreams,happiness and to lifes too.People are more worried about others than their own-self. The day people stop poking their nose in others matters and start thinking about themself.. society gonn change.
        All i wanna say is “if u keep thinking what others gonna me your life gonna sink”. Follow your heart. Live for your self not for others..

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      2. Its not that people doesn’t know, its that they know it is beautiful but just because they are not happy with what they have, they don’t want others to be happy too…Plus even if its the most beautiful & appreciable thing in life they will make sure to find some or other defects in it just because they didn’t get it…!!

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    1. Are you serious..?? I am so short of words…Thats really very kind of you…I am highly oblidge by this gesture…Thaanks a ton…I mean this is just my starting & i have hardly written anything which are nothing compared to others…I am not that big poet to be awarded or kind…Still i am very thankful for such a respectful gesture…Even getting nominated is a big thing for me…Once again thanks & yes i will make sure that this will help me & other aspiring poets to get more motivated to write better day by day & improve oneself…Hope to keep my promises & excpectations…:)

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      1. You are a wonderful writer Prachi and you truly deserve this:)
        Just follow the link i posted up you will see my post about the award in which i have nominated, then copy paste it the rules and the pic and nominate the bloggers you find inspiring among the blogs you follow or those who follow you πŸ™‚

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      2. Can you tel me how to post link when i send them the request for nomination..?? Sorry i am troubling you for all this but i am new to this site and don kne much about how all this functions.


      3. no prob, im here to help……… start your post by thanking the person who nominated you add the link of the post with their name in your case it will be something like this

        i would like to thank Akhiz (…………….your comments

        now post the blog award pic you can copy it from my blog

        now copy paste the rules you can copy from my site

        now write your three inspirations

        now nominate your 15 blogs by pasting their links

        also go to these blogs and comment on them telling them that you have nominated them and give them the link of this post

        hope it helps πŸ™‚

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