Amidst In A Crowd Got A Thought!!



22 thoughts on “Amidst In A Crowd Got A Thought!!

      1. Takes time but that person will definitely upack.. constant persiting will result in nothing.. the day that person is completely into the other person is the day that will baggage gonna unpacked..:))

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      2. You are a very positive person that’s really good…Even i am that kinda but my views are little different…I think persistent is the key its just that it only works if its genuine and not forced…And yes regarding your last point even if the person is totally into the another it doesn’t matter if they themselves are not willing to open…Ugly truth…:-(

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      3. Yea you are right abt persistency but it shouldn’t be done constantly..if a person is into the other.. he/she should unpack.. if not unpacked then what’s the point in being together..?? Whay say?. Or else just stop asking and start living..

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      4. Yea you are totally right…Then it has no meaning in it so its better to leave rather than being together and hurting each-other though there can be some genuine reasons for not opening because it may spoil the beauty of the relationship or it may have a reverse effect on someone…:)

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      5. Yup right…I am that kind of person who doesn’t believe in accepting the person as they are but who naturally falls in love with their flaws…So i just want to take the person as it is…Mind you :- conditions apply same for the opposite person…:-D I would not just opt for taking the baggage but instead i will accept it as it is without disturbing or hurting the feelings of the opposite person…because some or other time it was a beautiful part of their life which is no more.i mean that will be like putting questions on their self-being…Being that way even the relation will get saved, cherished, respected & blossomed with time…:)

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      6. And yes baggages comes in all form whether it is love,stress,any incident,any other relation or other kind of tension which has a great impact on a particular person so you should be open for all…:) It has to be unbiased!!


      1. Hey prachi,
        Other day you were saying that lets make this plc beautiful..
        Just thought of sharing it with you.
        I wrote these two posts on women.
        “Real men respect women” and “human trafficking”.. second one is bit sensitive.. so decide before you read it..
        Thank you:))

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