Law Of The Nature!!


You Were The King Of
The Dark World
Who Ruled On
The Demons Of
The Dead People…


I Was The Queen Of
The Angels
With An Aura
Of Beauty & Magic…

We Met For A Reason…
To Start A War For
Never To End,
To Fight To Rule For
The Power Of The Bravest
For The Swear Of
Of Our Lords
Towards Our Duties…

We Challenged Each other At Every Step For The Sake Of The Hell & The Heaven…

In The Midst Of All,
Our Souls Clashed…
Against All The Wicked Truths Of The World,
We Fell For Each other
In The Most Intense Way
To Get Merged Forever
For Never To Get
Separated Again…

But The World Was Too Cruel
They Couldn’t See Us Together
Chaos Were Created Everywhere
The Whole World Turned
Against Us
We Abandoned Our Love
No One Could Give The Reason
For The “Why”..??
Except One…

Only The Survivors Had
The Right To Bestow
“The Heir Of The Throne”!!


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