Melt Me Into Dust!!



38 thoughts on “Melt Me Into Dust!!

      1. Thank you so much for your kind love & support…I can totally understand your condition…I hope everyone who suffers from such phase should come out bravely & live life with full enthusiasm…

        Cheers & Congrats to you for fighting back for your life & giving yourself one more chance to live it completely..

        There is a quote i think you may like “For those who have lost faith in love, I say trust life one more time”…!!!

        Stay blessed…:)

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      2. Hey i think i mistaken your question i thought u asked about the quote which i posted but then it clicked me that u were asking me about the quote i replied you in comment “for those who have lost faith …trust life one more time…” thats not written by me.Please excuse me for the error its written by Maya Angelou…

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  1. Heyy Prachiii,,
    Every quote
    You wrote
    Was an
    Emotional boat.
    Your trust intact
    Feelings compact
    Past you subtract
    To happiness you attract.
    You are an amazing writer
    It’s a matter of fact.!!:D

    Cheers!! Girl:))

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    1. Pata nahi yaar..Its been 16 days but m not able to write or think anything may b i need some break..Piled up with many things together…Hope so something comes soon..Hehe don’t worry i m not gonna stop writing…And m not at all worried about my current changing phase..It just happens…:)) will wait patiently…:)

      So what’s up with you..??

      And Thanks for your care…:)

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  2. Its ok don’t push your thoughts even our brain needs rest right?Take your time and i know sometimes what you call writers block right it happens.But if you are facing a problem with writing it doesn’t mean you also can’t read others blog right?maybe who knows you can get some inspirations to write from other blogs also right 🙂 I desperately need a better job but the thing is even though i work in a small company i have made friendship with everyone. prachi you should have a strong mind to take tough decisions unfortunately i don’t have it.
    i am little angry with you because by reading your blogs and making friendship with you i put my brain to think of writing something only related to love only.just can’t get out of the loop.but the thing that amazes me is even though the theme what everyone writes about love is the same the way of expressing it feels to me love is new.maybe god deliberately put something which helps to believe that whatever a women or man says good or bad about if love happens it can sweep you out of the feet right?

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    1. Yes m njoyg my break actually i want to be active but m gng littl busy these dys bcz of sum work commitmnts so m nt abl to visit any blog too..

      Evn strong peopl face problem..just b positive thats all and write whatever u wish too…stay motivatd…:)

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  3. Hey no no i was just joking only because of friendship with you i wrote such lovely poems on love.This has been always a problem with me people take my jokes seriously 😛

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