Kaisa Yeh Tera Mera Rishta…???


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Pata Nahin Hain Kaisa Tera Mera Yeh Anokha Rishta…???

Naa Main Hun Teri
Naa Hi Tu Hain Mera…

Pyaar To Hain Lekin Bus Ek-Tarfa
Kaisa Hisab Hain Yeh Tera..??

Tu Bhi Hain Tanhaan
Main Bhi Hun Tanhaan…

Main Kuch Sunti Bhi Nahin
Tum Kuch Kehte Bhi Nahin…

Tujhe Meri Kadar Bhi Hain…
Muje Teri Fikar Bhi Hain…

Main Tujhse Nazdik Bhi Nahin
Tu Mujse Dur Bhi Nahin…

Fir Bhi Kyun Yeh Anjaanisi Pyaas Hain..??
Tere Paas Hone Ka Yeh Kaisa Ehsaas Hain..??

Naahin Mujhe Tere Pyaar Ka Haq Hain
Naahin Tuje Mera Intezaar Hain

Kaisa Yeh Dard Muje Har Roz Satata Hain..??
Kuch To Bataa Ke Aakhir Tera Mera Rishta Yeh Kya Kehlaata Hain…??

– Prachi Vasani.


24 thoughts on “Kaisa Yeh Tera Mera Rishta…???

      1. Our english school teacher once taught us, how a comma can be a life-deciding factor..

        She told us this story..

        Once upon a time, at a king’s darbar (gathering) a thieve was found guilty. The king wanted to kill the person for doing such a heinous crime..So he wrote a letter to his men at embassy, which read

        “Pardon not, to be killed.”

        However, the queen had a soft corner for thieve as the person belong to her village and had only stole food for his family.

        So she got the letter from guards, and erase the comma and placed it at just the right place, which saved the thieve’s life.


        Like this –

        “Pardon, not to be killed.”

        And the thief got saved 😀

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  1. Sorry i was little busy and thank u for saying i inspired you little for writing this beautiful poem 🙂
    Prachi anoop(he is also from kerala) is someone who has lived his childhood in delhi.so his hindi is really good whereas i am someone from kerala who only learned hindi via watching hindi movies so i have my difficulties in understanding each and every word in hindi you wrote here ok?Anyways as anoop said the last line sometimes it is difficult to say why i always like to see someone(opposite gender) or talk to someone i am friendly with is only because of friendship 🙂
    From my school days if i ask myself i will have to say there are more than few i secretly admired in my mind 😀
    Very Nice Poem and god bless 🙂

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