Yes…I Know I Am A Gal In A Men’s World!!

So Today I am writing this which everyone hears every now and then and still does not do anything about it..!!

I don’t know why but today i felt like writing this..Its just not related to me but to each and every girl of this generation.

Lets see how it goes i don’t know whether i am taking out my frustration or something but its important to say all this today.It just keeps going never stops!!

Hoping that one day this society will have a better approach for their females and we will have an equal share of our rights and respect in the society…!!!


Since, childhood i am suffering from a taboo of “Being called as a Girl”…!!

Are we Blind or Inhumane..?? Don’t we know that we are gals..??

Right from the kindergarten to now till my graduation i never knew why i suffered so much in this typical “Indian Society” for just being a gal.

So Is It a Curse or a Boon..??

I mean its so funny isn’t it that “Everything related to a Gal is a “Taboo”...:-D

If she wears clothes of her choice ,wears makeup, goes to party, drinks or smokes, makes boyfriends, flirts etc…She’s labelled as “Slut”…

And if boys do the same that’s totally cool…He is a boy.The bad boy..!!gals like bad boys…He is a casanova,cool…and all kinda bullshit…

If a gal gets raped then she has to face the taunts of the society and what about the guy who did..??

No1 blames the real monster who destroyed her body, shattered her life into pieces and cursed her pure soul instead no1 wants to marry her,she gets no justice..?? And the bastard who raped her roams freely and gets married and lives happily ever after.So, this is what society does justice to a female.Instead of supporting her and taking a stand for her they blame her for being enuf bold and being a gal..Wow…!! Why don’t men just get raped..??

From childhood parents teaches their daughters to be safe every time, to keep manners, to come home early, to learn to cook, to keep your voice down or else they have to suffer taunts of society, to keep others needs before them otherwise we are not respected why so?? Because we are “Women”..Born to serve others…!! 

The term “Women” – The one who gives birth to a new life(bearing all the pain and sufferings for 9mths) and the generation keeps on continuing…Isn’t this beautiful being should be considered next to god..??

Oh yaa i forgot…Periods!! Haha..So right from the day we get our so called “Puberty” we have to hide ourselves and keep ourselves protected why because we can give birth now so..?? We are treated as untouchables during such sensitive times when we need the most care and support because its painful and weird.But instead we are treated as something dirty or a shit..So has God come and told Humans that this what happens to us every month is Unholy or Bad..?? Why not talk openly about it.?? Even we have to be careful about our belongings during such times..Why don’t people understand that this is Normal procedure which a gal suffers every month given by the God then why so much Taboo!!

A gal has to be away from guys, they cannot make friends in guys and boy friends is a big No No…So what if the male part does the same..?? They are Men..They can do whatever they feel like right..??

If a gal argues, raises her voice against injustice done to her, does better than her male colleagues, becomes more famous than her husband, then she is suppressed and dominated and labeled as “The Mannerless Women with a Modern Approach”.. Huh..!!

Another typical attitude of “Indian Society”, I have seen many guys making girlfriends and not marrying them..?? you know why because they are not “Marriage Material” haha so just because she fell in love with you, dated you means she is used..?? or not capable of taking home to approach parents..?? Don’t know how to cook, has her family responsibilities, won’t take care of his parents, has a better career, will challenge the male ego if she goes to work, male insecurities and jealousy and so many other reasons for not marrying her and hurting her by such labels.So why promise her in the first place..?? Be a Man!! If you cannot marry her then don’t date her.Only the cowards are scared to commit…Real Men Don’t!! You have no right to judge or label her.You have already broken her heart then what more is left to do now by labelling these taunts..?? Because if the same a girl does then she is “Characterless” Lol..This our society..!!

So this is our modern society where a gal is killed as soon her parents comes to knows her gender and preaches “Save Girl Child” to show-off and the celebration becomes a sad day or bad omen because she can’t keep the generation of her parents going!! The fear of “Dowry” still haunts a gal and his family…:( A society where her education and health is given second preference before her male counterpart, a society who teaches a girl to be brave and take stand for herself but when does no one supports her and calls her a feminist.!! A society where Goddesses are preached and gals are being raped..Haha This is our educated  society and this is what we learn and teach each other…So this society wont ever improve..?? But i don’t really blame them as we all are too a part of this society.We all need to come together to end this problem from the roots and change our attitude towards it.At the end of this write-up i just want to say a few and very simple words to everyone.

To :- 

1)Dear Family…,

Instead of teaching your gals to be careful and safe teach your boys to learn to respect gals & their privacy.And be in their limits.

2)Dear Men…,

We are not telling you to protect us…No1 bothers too..We are just telling you to leave us alone..!! Maybe more than half of the problem solves here.Have a fair competition and maintain your dignity.Give respect & take respect.Just because you are born male does not automatically make you a “Man”..!!

3)Dear Society…,

“Mind Your Own Business” is a term everyone knows…If you cannot stand for us no one is sitting here idle for your free advises…!!

Please keep that with you.It would be helpful when you need one!!

Hope this helps in creating some awareness!!

No Hard feelings and No Offence..!!

Thanks everyone for reading this…!!

Would be glad to be a part of small contribution for the well being of the society…:))

Feel free to comment and give your reviews…:))

Many Thanks,

Prachi Vasani.


18 thoughts on “Yes…I Know I Am A Gal In A Men’s World!!

  1. A women is no less than men in any aspect we take. It`s the mind set of the people(I.e the so called society) has to be changed.

    Let me fly
    Let me fly
    Give me wings
    Give me wings
    A little bird sings
    Parents mood swings
    An alarm rings
    The moment
    You stop the alarm
    And give her wings
    You will get to know
    What a girl can give
    To you
    And the society
    Don’t let her cry
    Let her fly
    Don’t be shy
    Your DAUGHTER will fly high.

    A girl wears a gown
    A women wears a crown
    She is one among our town
    Her name is a noun
    Never let her bog down..

    The moment I read your article words just flowed and made me voice my mind.

    A very sensitive and eye opening article. (Y).keep up the good work prachi.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know but being a gal you just can’t ignore it..We live this everyday and see this happening in our society daily.The worst part is the ones who are most aware are the biggest culprit..We need to stand up and speak about it…Thank you so much for your comments…:))

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Are ajanak ye kya ho gaya tujhe?hum log utna bhi bura nahi hoon yaar 😛
    Even picturing me turning into a female for one day i can’t bear the physical discomfort 🙂
    But being a mother ah what a gift from god right 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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